God Given is a brand that inspires you to live a lifestyle that is “YOUNG, FRESH, & CLEAN”!

• Always promoting the business motto “YOUNG, FRESH, & CLEAN”! YOUNG, because it’s geared towards todays youth.FRESH, & CLEAN, because you can have a fresh sense of style and live a clean life style.

God Given was born out of some of the greatest talents in the fashion world. Notably for their contributions in the key areas of Urban wear and licensing, as well as 15+ years in the design world that makes them a force to be taken seriously.


Robert Yarborough was born in the late 70’s and raised in Queens, New York, in the trend setting capital of America. At an early age, Robert expressed love for Art, receiving many prestigious awards, and working for some of the biggest companies in the world. Graduating with a Bachelors of Fine Arts with honors from St. John’s University, Robert went from an art teacher to a visual merchandiser at retailer, J.C. Penney, where his love of fashion began.

He then became the entire art department developing collections for urban wear clothing company First Choice Apparel, which was featured at Magic, tradeshow in Las Vegas, amongst the world’s top designers, generating 4 million dollars in retail sales, receiving many accolades from the likes of Russell Simmons, Karl Kani and Fubu. He had the pleasure of being a part of the growth of and foundation period of urban or street wear.  Robert desired to design clothing with the freshest looks and designs, but had more substance to them. That’s when he established a lifestyle brand that inspires you to live a lifestyle that is Young, Fresh, & Clean called God Given.

During the early years of God Given, Robert received a job with Nickelodeon, as Director overseeing the apparel and home furnishing department, where he received the rest of his training in fashion. Launching some of the most iconic cartoons SpongeBob and Dora.  Since 2003, God Given has moved over 60,000 tee shirts without retail merchandising in stores. After being featured in XXL magazine’s legendary “cool freestyle”section and prominently shown on VH1’s What Chilli Wants worn by reality star and author Tionna Smalls.  God Given has been worn by numerous celebrities.  And has been seen on The Morning Show on Shade45, VHI, MTV, News 1 and a host of other televised productions.

Since God Given has moved into retail, its been carried at DrJays and DrJays.com and over 172 retail stores across the United States and abroad. God Given is set to take the world by storm.